Bhangra fitness in Accra

A dream came true when I took a journey from Sweden to Ghana. Thanks to Royal Pixels for documenting my journey in beautiful Accra and also the street festival ‘Chale Wote’ in James town where I colaborated with my Bhangra dance. Happy watching!


Bhangra fitness 2 in Africa

Second Bhangra workshop was on Mantse Agbonaa square with a massive stage. It was a huge crowd when the Bhangra music blasted through the sound machine. Some just watched, some took pictures while others joined in. Impressive attendance.
Pictures credit to Royal Pixels


Bhangra fitness in Africa

Performing at Accra’s biggest street art festival ‘Chale Wote’ this year was the biggest highlight for me. Here are some pictures from the first workshop at Otublohum square …Music blasted and I gave them a taste of what Bhangra is. The crowd clapped along and some were curious while others joined in 😊
Pictures credit to Royal Pixels




Sweat, burn calories and learn Bhangra!!!! Come and dance with me Saturdays at 11 am, Sensus Medborgarplatsen 5th floor. Tell a friend to bring a friend. Bruahhhh!!!!

ps, there is no class on the 5th of March.Bhangra Fitness will be back on the 12th of March.


Bhangra is back!


Bhangra Fitness is back after the new year.

New year, new resoloution, new term! What better way to start the new year with cardio workout while having fun and laughter. Come and learn the steps to Bhangra and burn those calories at the same time. We meet at 11 on the 23rd January at Sensus, dancehall on the 5th floor. P
Everyone®s welcome & kids from 7 years up 🙂
Drop-in 120 Kr
10 classes + 2 =1000 kr
Cash is king!
Swish 🙂

Nytt Är , nya utmaningar , ny termin ! Finns det nÄgot bÀttre sÀtt att börja det nya Äret med konditionstrÀning och samtidigt ha roligt och skratt . Kom och lÀra dig stegen till Bhangra och brÀnna dessa kalorier samtidigt . Vi trÀffas vid 11 den 23 januari pÄ Sensus , dancehall pÄ 5: e vÄningen . )
Alla Ă€r vĂ€lkomna och barn frĂ„n 7 Ă„r uppĂ„t 🙂
Drop-in 120 Kr
10 klasser +2 = 1000 kr

Swish finns
Cash is king !

Tell a friend to bring a friend 🙂

Bhangra Fitness at Yogansafestival


Happy New Year from Bhangra Fitness Stockholm!!!! Hope youÂŽll kickstart this year with lots of dancing . Our first is gonna be at a Yogansafestival that will be held on the 9th and 10th of January at kungsholmen, RĂ„dhuset, Pipersgatan 26.
You may read more on this festival here
I will be hosting Bhangra Fitness on the 10th of January. Hope to see you there. You may get your tickets from the website.
Keep calm and balle! balle

Bhangra fitness on Saturdays at 11 am

Have you always wanted to learn the Bhangra steps and get a cardio workout at the same time? Well, come and join me and the rest for an hour of fitness workout every Saturdays at 11 am , Sensus Medborgarplatsen 4. The dance studio is on the 5th floor. Tell a friend to bring a friend. If you have any questions, do drop me an email on Meanwhile, enjoy this piece by Vidya 🙂